The Internet Of Things Custom Solutions Company. Currently a Business Unit of CREATIVE Associates Belgium

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Some information about who we are and what we do

About Us

CREATIVE Technologies is a business unit of CREATIVE Associates Belgium, will become a separate company on the long term.
The founder:
  • Walter Verhoeven, Bachelor Electronics from Narafi, Bachelor Informatics from IHRB and a BLIN (Bijzondere Licentie Informatica) from the Free University Of Brussels (VUB) with more than 30 years of experience in compilers, low level system programming, performance & capacity planning on high-end enterprise servers at Hewlett-Packard Belgium and USA/Roseville California Performance Technologies Labs.  Also founder of SOLID IT Solutions (sold at Keyrus France) and owner CREATIVE Associates (current).
Hardware development team:
  • We have a very dedicated team that consist of an Industrial Electronics Engineer from the Narafi with more than 35 years of experience in microprocessor development at Intel Belgium, computer board testing software and high-end enterprise servers solution consulting at Hewlett-Packard Belgium.
We are working on a clustered IoT (Internet of Things) solution that can handle IoT clusters of multiple nodes in a global and mesh based network. The architecture we designed allows communication between devices making use of Internet,  LoRa (Long Range communication 433-915 MHz 10-30 km), Narrow Band IoT and Mobile SIM Card. The cluster is a combination of a master controller (internal name Zeus) and clients collecting data (internal name Iris). All the electronics (boards) and software have been developed in-house.


Standard IoT Sensor

We use the Arduino ESP8266 chipset in order to be able to work in a WiFi environment although communication can also be sent via a Mobile Chip.  Configuration is stored in SPIFF's, it has an OLED screen and possible a larger LED matrix for communication with the outside world.  Several ADC convertors are foreseen in order to connect the different probes and the possibility to activate a water pump, valves and more.  There is a command language for executing local & remote commands and the ability to trace what is going on.  

Deep Sleep IoT Sensor

Also based on the same technology but stripped to the bare bone so that only measurements are passed to the WEB or an other central node at specific intervals when waked-up. It sleeps for a while in order to save power.  We use a solar panel in order to keep it running for a long period. Typically used in environments where no electricity is available like farmer fields, vineyards....  

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