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Cookie Policy

The following type of cookies exists:

1) Functional and analytical

Functional and analytical cookies are the minimum required to make our website work properly, enable us to improve them and optimize the user experience. These cookies do not focus on a particular person, but rather are only used for aggregated analytical and performance-oriented purposes. The associated data will therefore not be used for marketing or third party purposes.  These cookies are set by default and this cannot be changed, as otherwise we cannot guarantee the best user experience of our website. Furthermore, it is also possible that certain parts and/or functionalities of our website will not work, or not work properly.

We actually use the following TWO cookies:

CONCRETE5: Used to check if a user is logged-in or not.  It expires when the session is closed.

ccmAuthUserHash: Used to remember you for the next two weeks. You can select that option when logging-in.  It will expire after two weeks.

We DO NOT use third-party cookies such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics...

2) Personalization

These cookies track your clicking and browsing behaviour on a WEB site after logging-in.

We DO NOT use any of these cookies.

3) Commercial

Third parties (e.g. advertising partners) place cookies that track your clicking and browsing behaviour on a WEB site.

We DO NOT use any of these cookies as we do not cooperate with third parties.

4) Social media

These cookies enable optimal interaction with social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc...

We DO NOT use any of these cookies.

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